Historic Barn Registry


   of Adams County

Late in the summer of 2009, one of the HGAC barn preservation project barn survey teams was working in the vacinity of Gurnsey when we documented and added the 100th barn to the Adams County Barn Registry.
The barn belongs to Cassandra and Bill Pulig, it dates to 1820-1830 and is a wonderful example of an extended Pennsylvania barn with double outshed extensions.
What is most heartening is that the barn is full of sheep, horses, and chickens, it is well maintained and is not threatened by neglect or development.
Of the 114 barns that have been added to the registry, we only know of one barn that has been destroyed by fire.
On the other hand, what we have seen month after month is owners who have put a special effort into keeping their barn painted, sided, pointed, repaired and just all around maintained. 
We would like to take this opportunity to thank the barn owners, listed below, who have invited HGAC to survey their barns and include them in the barn registry. 
And we especially want to thank all of you who have made an effort to use and take care of your barns. 
 You are helping to protect and preserve a very important part of Adams County's cultural heritage for the enjoyment and benefit of all of us.

Pulig Barn

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A.C. Historic Barn Registry by ID

 Registry ID Farm Name Owner Name

 001 Musselman Farm Curt Musselman & Cecelia Brown
 002 Horner Farm John B. Horner
 003 Schulteis Farm Winn Schulteis
 004 Boritt Farm Gabor & Elizabeth Boritt
 005 Battersby Farm Matt & Luann Battersby
 006 Bushey Front Farm Nancy J. Bushey
 007 Bushey Back Farm Nancy J. Bushey
 008 Clowney Farm Thomas & Joanne Clowney
 009 Grant Farm R. H. Grant
 010 Jonathan Tate Farm Roger & Laurie Harding
 011 Jacob Weikert Farm Gerald & Elizabeth Hoffman
 012 Boyer Farm 2 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 013 Boyer Farm 1 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 014 Boyer Farm 3 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 015 Boyer Farm 4 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 016 Boyer Farm 5 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 017 Boyer Farm 6 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 018 Boyer Farm 7 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 019 Boyer Farm 8 Boyer Nursery & Orchard Inc.
 020 Bennett Farm Gerald Bennett
 021 GBPA Lady Farm Gettysburg Battlefield Preservation Association
 022 Lady Farm Herbert P. Lady
 023 Mason Dixon Farm Mason Dixon Farms Inc.
 024 McCleaf Farm Margaret McCleaf
 025 Miller Farm Donald & Cathryn Miller
 026 Mowery Farm Barbara Mowery
 027 Eisenhart Farm Barbara & Forry Eisenhart
 028 Neely Farm Jane R. Neely
 029 Twin Bridges Farm Monica Oss & Jay Mackie
 030 Shriver Farm Ernest T. Shriver
 031 Dalebrook Farm Gary W. Sterner
 032 Stojic Farm Steve Stojic
 033 Towers Farm Jan & Barry Towers
 034 Deardorff Mill Farm Arthur & Mary Wolfe
 035 Worley Homestead Farm Arthur & Mary Wolfe
 036 Dague Farm Margaret Dague
 037 Fox Farm Richard & Jane Fox
 038 Three Springs Farm Jonathan Ingram & Suzanne Helm
 039 Hoffman Farm Joan Hoffman
 040 Jakum Farm Bruce & Betty Jakum
 041 Latschar Farm John Latschar
 042 Dettinburn Farm Eric & Christine Dettinburn
 043 Neff Farm Dave Neff
 044 Pyle Farm Judy Pyle
 045 Ridinger Farm Greg Ridinger
 046 Reightler Farm Joel Reightler
 047 Shields Farm Laurie Schroeder
 048 Starr Farm Tom Starr
 049 Symmes Farm Pat & Ralph Symmes
 050 Thomason Farm Beth Thomason
 051 Valley Quarries Farm Valley Quarries Farm
 052 Zero Farm Anne Zero
 053 Benner Homestead Farm Leonard & Susan Benner
 054 Morey Farm Phil & Elsie Morey
 055 Buck Farm 1 Loni & Frank Buck
 056 Buck Farm 2 Loni & Frank Buck
 057 Norwich Farm Dean & Anne Norwich
 058 Beech Springs Farm William & Jayne Shord
 059 Huggens-Ruff Farm Gary Huggens & Jason Ruff
 060 Brown Farm Tom Brown
 061 Bucher Ross Farm Crowell Bucher
 062 Bucher North Farm Crowell Bucher
 063 Lee Farm Thomas Lee
 064 Lee Dairy Farm Thomas Lee
 065 Erb Coldspring  Farm Phil Erb
 066 The Lion & The Lamb James & Gretchen Davis
 067 Long Farm Andrew Long
 068 Hickory Bridge Farm Robert & Mary Lynn Martin
 069 White Farm Jacqueline White
 070 Thomas Reed Farm Duane E. Williams
 071 James Reed Farm Duane E. Williams
 072 Holmes Farm Eileen Holmes
 073 Debany Farm Walter & Kendra Debany
 074 Fox Hill Farm Edward & Carol Stover
 075 Armatha Ford Farm Earl Leese
 076 Wolfe Farm Harold Wolfe
 077 Tamarack Farm Ron Albright
 078 Nicholas Meyer Farm George Mark
 079 Brautigan Farm Gary Brautigan
 080 Snelbecker Farm Ben Snelbecker
 081 Sullivan Farm Patrick & Ruth Sullivan
 082 Kessel Farm Sam Kessel & Sue Wichert
 083 Fees Farm Marty & Sheila Fees
 084 Mountain View Farm Tom & Barb Vossler
 085 Hess Farm Richard Hess
 086 Adamik Farm Deb & John Adamik
 087 MacBeth & Foltz Barn Craig Foltz, Judy (Mac) Macbeth
 088 Kuhns Orchards Dave & Mary Margaret  Kuhn
 089 Floyd Kuhn Farm Floyd Kuhn
 090 King Farm Aubrey & Lynn King
 091 Hickory Bridge Farm II Robert & Mary Lynn Martin
 092 The Round Barn Knouse Fruitlands, Inc.
 093 Stock Farm 1 Earl & Deb Stock
 094 Stock Farm 2 Earl & Deb Stock
 095 Aaron Sheely Farm Horizon Group, Gettysburg Outlet Center L.P.
 096 Gebhart Farm Thomas P. & Mary L Gebhart
 097 Isaac Miller Farm Dennis E. Bear
 098 Sarah Patterson Farm Dierdre Baker
 099 Guernsey Country Club Barn Marion Harbaugh
 100 Wright Farm Bill & Cassandra Pulig
 101 Griest Farm Bill & Cassandra Pulig
 102 Miller/Landis Farm Jim Landis
 103 Garazo Farm Henry & Amy-Beth Garazo
 104 K-B Farm - Adams County Winery Catherine Bigler & John Kramb
 105 Chronister Farm Martin & Jennie Chronister
 106 O'Brien-Weaver Farm Alice O'Brien & Jeff Weaver
 107 Stambaugh Farm Floyd Stambaugh
 108 John Yake Farm John Yake
 109 E. Strayer Yake Farm E. Strayer Yake
 110 Young Farm Pat Young
 111 Hutchison-Wilcox Farm Mary Louise Hutchison & Clayton Wilcox
 112 Moxley Farm Gary & Linda Moxley
 113 Dingle Farm Ethan Dingle
 114 Worden Parkinson Farm Amy Worden
  115 Simply Willow Farm- Greg and Teresa Hale
  116 Littlestown Veterinary Hostpital Barn- Julie Holland,
         Dan Lindsey, Gary Kubola
  117 Holland Farm- Julie Holland
  118 Beechwood Orchards Farm 1- David Garretson
  119 Beechwood Orchards Farm 2- David Garretson
  120 Rummel Farm- Dan Hoffman
  121 Lane Farm- Jeff and Mary Lane
  122 Wade Farm- Geoffrey Wade
  123 Montfort, Heny Farm- Paul Lemely
  124 Eckert Farm- Susan Klunk
  125 Saint Francis Xavier Life & Education Center- Diocese of Harrisburg
  126 Wineberry Farm- Andrew and Kare Payne
  127 Klunk Farm- Susan Klunk

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