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As many of our members and friends already know, "HGAC is a non-profit organization formed in 1975 to spearhead and coordinate efforts to preserve  and restore the historic heritage of Adams County's townships and boroughs."




Historic Gettysburg-Adams County, being a non-profit organization,
has implemented a few fund raising items.
Fund raising is an important endeavor for HGAC
so that we can achieve our preservation missions. 
We plan to sell these items at our Education Seminars
and all our HGAC events, as well as here online.
Some of these items may be viewed in the display case 
at G.A.R. Hall, 53 E. Middle Street, Gettysburg, PA.

Use the drop down Menu above to see our store items!

Historic Gettysburg-Adams County, Inc.
  PO Box 4611, Gettysburg, PA 17325