2017 Educational Speaker Programs

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March 21: The National Civil War Memorial:  The Art and Purpose of the Work


World renowned Cashtown sculptor and artist, Gary Casteel, introduces the construction of a new 21st century Civil War Memorial explaining the reasoning behind this new project and the artwork that will adorn the museum. Casteel will briefly share information about his General James Longstreet's memorial on Confederate Avenue, Gettysburg and explain a partial history of the Civil War as it affected the local civilian population. Casteel will announce the location of the National Civil War Memorial.  



April 18:  Proud to be an Adams County Grower! 


HGAC welcomes Kay Hollabaugh, of Hollabaugh Bros., to share the makings of a 67 year old successful family owned fruit business.  Kay will share growing secrets and answer questions, such as "Why are rows of apples trees being pulled out?" "What are the poles and wires doing in the orchards?"  "How has nurturing of the family land changed over the years with government regulations?" "What is IPM?" "What about Organic?"


Light refreshments from Hollabaugh orchards will be available at 6:30pm.




MAY 16:  Totem Pole Playhouse's Producing Artistic Director, Rowan Joseph.  Joseph has been invited to the historic G.A.R hall to share his experience of stage life, production, TV, community theater and Hollywood.  After graduating from high school Joseph decided to jump directly into the world of theater.  Travels have taken him cross country.  Joseph will share some of his acting encounters with Hollywood notables such as Katherine Hepburn, Julie Andrews, and Anthony Hopkins.  He will discuss what it's like to be on TV's The Amazing Race, and what's in store for the coming season at The Totem Pole Playhouse.


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After the firing stopped, the Nation tried to make sense of what had just happened.  The Civil War killed hundreds of thousands and freed millions.  But the road forward in Adams County was bumpy. pock marked and often segregated.  From parades to playgrounds. Park Rangers to Klansmen, Gettysburg saw the worst of Jim Cow and the best of the local men and women who fought against it.  Gettysburg Times writer and historic researcher, John Rudy will be the HGAC June presenter.  FMI:  hgaconline.org  or Regina 717-334-8312






AUGUST 15:  BARNS! BARNS!  BARNS!  David Maclay, HGAC'c new Barn Preservation Specialist, owner of Pinehill Woodwork, a timber framing business, shares with the HGAC audience his long-time passion for recognizing and saving Adams County's 250 + year old barns.  His power point presentation identifies historical barns, takes us inside the structures, highlights the ingenuity of our forefathers by creating their own barn structures instead of copying European barns.  Farmers, carpenters, craftsmen mastered building barns with make-shift and forged tools using the surrounding fields and forests for supplies.  Maclay will also transition into the newer barns of today.   hgaconline.org  Regina 717-334-8312





SEPTEMBER 19:  FIND YOUR STAGE DOOR AND OPEN IT:  The motto of the Gettysburg Community Theatre has nothing to do with the actual stage door, but what theatre arts can bring to your life, if you just open yourself up to it and let it in.  Founding Executive Artistic Director of GCT, Chad-Alan Carr, will give a brief history of the historic building the Gettysburg Community Theatre resides in since since inception in 2009, and how GCT has evolved from just a children's theatre to a place full of educational, performance and volunteer opportunities for children and adults of all ages and abilities.   Carr will also share with the audience the highlights of the fall shows taking the audience into the holiday season with the combined efforts of The Totem Pole Playhouse, Gettysburg College, The Majestic, and Gettysburg Community Theatre Dickens Christmas Carol will come to life in Gettysburg.  hgaconline.org  Regina 717-334-8312



There are 21 townships and 13 incorporated boroughs in Adams County, but some of the dozens of towns and villages were created by local residents, some by the post office and some by the stroke of a cartographer's pen.  Join distinguished local historian and author, Tim Smith as he describes the interesting history and background of the many places we pass through every day.  
 Special HGAC Educational Speaker Program
Monday Evening, November 20, 2017: Ross Hetrick, president of the Thaddeus Stevens Society, will present a program on the second Abolitionists Day planned for March 2018, and the need to honor the men and women who fought against the scourge of slavery. The first Abolitionist Day was held this past March 2017. Hetrick will also focus on local abolitionists and southern resistance to slavery and the Confederation in his presentation.


The HGAC educational speaker programs are held

in the handicapped accessible historic Grand Army of the Republic Hall (G.A.R.)


Doors open at 7 PM with the event begining at 7:30 PM.


These free, no reservations needed evenings, are held the third Tuesday evening of March, April, May, June, August, September, and October at 53 E. Middle Street, Gettysburg.


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