2017 Educational Speaker Programs

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 AUGUST 15:  David Maclay - "The HGAC Barn Preservation Project: A Model for Efforts Throughout the Commonwealth"


Over the past 15 years, Historic Gettysburg-Adams County's Barn Preservation Project has become one of the flagships of the organization, reinforcing its relevance as a preservation society that is actively engaged in its community. As part of HGAC's Educational Speaker Program, and in collaboration with South Mountain Partnership's Speakers series, HGAC's Barn Preservation Specialist David Maclay will elaborate on the project's evolution and mission in a wide ranging presentation.

Maclay will touch upon his own experiences as a timber farmer and restoration carpenter, and as a member of the volunteer-driven effort to preserve these iconic structures. Geared towards barn enthusiasts and preservationists throughout the South Mountain region and beyond, the presentation will detail components essential to the developement of a successful barn preservation effort -- committed volunteers with diverse areas of expertise; varied, engaging educational and outreach programs; corporate and private sponsorships; grant proposal developement; and a documentation regime based on nearly 300 surveys of Adams County barns. The logistics and details

of the survey itself, the resulting Adams County Barn Registry, and the myriad expressions of barn design throughout our rural landscape will be explored in an evening that is all about barns! 



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SEPTEMBER 19:  FIND YOUR STAGE DOOR AND OPEN IT:  The motto of the Gettysburg Community Theatre has nothing to do with the actual stage door, but what theatre arts can bring to your life, if you just open yourself up to it and let it in.  Founding Executive Artistic Director of GCT, Chad-Alan Carr, will give a brief history of the historic building the Gettysburg Community Theatre resides in since since inception in 2009, and how GCT has evolved from just a children's theatre to a place full of educational, performance and volunteer opportunities for children and adults of all ages and abilities.   Carr will also share with the audience the highlights of the fall shows taking the audience into the holiday season with the combined efforts of The Totem Pole Playhouse, Gettysburg College, The Majestic, and Gettysburg Community Theatre Dickens Christmas Carol will come to life in Gettysburg.  hgaconline.org  Regina 717-334-8312



There are 21 townships and 13 incorporated boroughs in Adams County, but some of the dozens of towns and villages were created by local residents, some by the post office and some by the stroke of a cartographer's pen.  Join distinguished local historian and author, Tim Smith as he describes the interesting history and background of the many places we pass through every day.  
 Special HGAC Educational Speaker Program
Monday Evening, November 20, 2017: Ross Hetrick, president of the Thaddeus Stevens Society, will present a program on the second Abolitionists Day planned for March 2018, and the need to honor the men and women who fought against the scourge of slavery. The first Abolitionist Day was held this past March 2017. Hetrick will also focus on local abolitionists and southern resistance to slavery and the Confederation in his presentation.


The HGAC educational speaker programs are held

in the handicapped accessible historic Grand Army of the Republic Hall (G.A.R.)


Doors open at 7 PM with the event begining at 7:30 PM.


These free, no reservations needed evenings, are held the third Tuesday evening of March, April, May, June, August, September, and October at 53 E. Middle Street, Gettysburg.


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