2019 Barn Grant Program




This year’s 2019 Barn Preservation Award was presented to Bob and Patricia Rodgers, owners of the Stone of Scone Barn between Littlestown and McSherrystown. After launching a full-scale restoration effort in 2016, the Rodgers hope to share the barn as an event venue, hosting retreats, seminars, and non-profit gatherings going forward. 

With a new lease on life, the Stone of Scone Barn will stand for at least another two hundred years – thanks to the Rodgers for their tremendous contribution to the historic fabric of Adams County! Something we can all be very proud of!










     The historic Crawford Barn, not far from the Gettysburg Battlefield, has been carefully restored and maintained over the last several decades by Gabor and Elizabeth Boritt. In 2018, it received a HGAC Barn Preservation Grant  to help rebuild one of the barn's walls.





2019 Barn Grant Guidelines

2019 Barn Grant Application





HGAC Barn Preservation Grant Application (Page 1 of 3)

Name of the Barn that the work will be performed upon:


1.       Barn Owner / Applicant

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address:_____________________________________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________ Telephone(s) _____________________________

Barn Location Address: _______________________________________________________________


2.   Funding request amount ($2500 is the maximum amount to be awarded) __________________

3.   Project Summary: Give a brief description of what work will be accomplished using the grant funds.

     4.   Provide any documentation that you have that describes the barn and the history of its construction or alteration or maintenance. 

    5.   Proposed Work - Provide a narrative description and photographs of the problem to be corrected.


 HGAC Barn Preservation Grant Application (Page 2 of 3)

Name of the Barn that the work will be performed upon:_____________________________________         


6.   Describe the timeframe of the proposed project and your readiness to proceed:

       7.   Project Budget and Matching Funds

What will be the total cost to complete this project? ____________________________________

A one-to-one match of the HGAC funds is required. Matching funds include your own cash, loans, other grants, and in-kind donations (value of donated labor, equipment, materials). Describe how the match will be provided. List sources and amounts of matching funds (both cash and in-kind). Provide a cost estimate for completing the work including at least one estimate from a contractor for carrying out the work.

        8.   Experience and Qualifications of contractor(s):
        Additional pages and references may be included with the attachments
         if there is not enough space here to provide an adequate description.
        9.   Describe any experience the owner has already had in making repairs
        and in maintaining the barn. 
                                             HGAC Barn Preservation Grant Application (Page 3 of 3
      Name of the Barn that the work will be performed upon:
    10. Provide any additional Information that you think will help HGAC to make a decision about whether to provide grant funds for this project.
    (See the Evaluation   Criteria on page 2 of the Grant Guidelines and make sure that all of the criteria are addressed in your application answers.)
    11. List below the attachments that accompany this application which may include but are not limited to photographs, cost estimates,
     condition assessments, design   drawings, contractor references and continuation sheets, if needed, for any of the application answers.
    12. Application Certification:  I certify to the best of my knowledge that the information provided in this application is complete and accurate.


Owner’s Signature: ___________________________________________ 

Date: _________________


Owner’s Name Printed: ________________________________________ 


Date: _________________



Application Deadline and Submittal Information


Application Deadline:   March 1, 2019.


All application materials must be postmarked by the deadline or received in person by an HGAC staff member no later than 5:00 PM on March 1, 2019. The office hours for HGAC staff at the GAR Hall at 53 East Middle Street in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania are on Tuesdays from 11 AM until 3 PM. 


Mailing Address:    HGAC Barn Preservation Project Grants, P.O. Box 4611, Gettysburg, PA 17325


All submittals must include the original application and three copies of the completed application. All copies should include a full set of the attachments.



Any questions about completing or submitting the application can be addressed to: 

Curt Musselman, HGAC Barn Preservation Chair,

at (717) 659-8827 or via email to shinbone605@comcast.net






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