HGAC Establishes Endowment 


  HGAC Establishes Endowment

Your Board is excited to announce the establishment of an HGAC designated fund endowment through the Adams County Community Foundation. A gift in memory of Connie Farabaugh, past HGAC president, provided the initial funding.

Why an endowment?

1.    An endowment is first and foremost an investment in the programs and projects of HGAC.

2.    It establishes long-term financial stability and viability.

3.    An endowment adds credibility and prestige that attracts donors—both individuals and foundations.

Giving Spree 2020

HGAC applied to participate in the 2020 Giving Spree. We will focus on our goal of raising $15,000 for the endowment. Information about contributing through the Giving Spree will be sent with the fall Preserve newsletter and posted on our website.

Orientation to the Endowment

HGAC will be conducting an on-line orientation to the endowment and Giving Spree for HGAC members and donors in September. A representative of ACCF will share information and answer questions. Please register below for the orientation.

Preserving Historic Adams County

We hope you will share our excitement about this historic action and see the potential for continued historic preservation in Adams County.

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November 5th,  between 12:01 AM and 12:00 PM

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                     Connie Farabaugh 


Historic Gettysburg Adams County (HGAC) President Anne Zabawa announced the creation of the HGAC Endowment Fund, established through the Adams County Community Foundation using a monetary gift in memory of Connie Farabaugh.

Farabaugh was a strong advocate of historic preservation within Adams County. Farabaugh served as a past president of HGAC. With her husband Ken, she fully supported the HGAC mission to “foster and participate in the preservation, and welfare of the historic, architectural, scenic and culturally significant areas within Adams County,” according to a release.

She and Ken encouraged the appreciation of historic properties and sites by the Adams County community and were donors to HGAC. With her passing, a long talked about endowment fund was established through the Adams County Community Foundation with a gift in her memory.

“Connie was a supportive, steady and powerful force behind many organizations in Adams County,” said Ralph Serpe, president of the Adams County Community Foundation. “It’s fitting that she is the motivation behind the creation of an endowment fund that will support HGAC for generations.”

This designated endowment fund is a simple and permanent way for HGAC members and supporters to contribute in a lasting and meaningful way to HGAC. Gifts to the HGAC Endowment Fund will actively support the programs, needs and growth of this 45-year strong nonprofit both during the lifetime of the donor and beyond.

HGAC is launching the endowment as part of the 2020 Giving Spree. To learn how to give financially, contact the Adams County Community Foundation at (717)337-0060.


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