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The manual entitled The Historic Barns of Adams County: A Field Guide will be back from the printer in mid-October 2019, and will be available on a first come, first served basis.  The compilation of the book has been a collaborative effort by many HGAC volunteers, and serves as a companion to the Survey Form.  From barn classification to distribution, masonry to timber framing, the book is packed with useful information for those curious to learn more about these iconic, irreplaceable structures. 

Please contact Barn Preservation Specialist David Maclay at dmaclay@mac.com to reserve your copy! 





David Maclay

The HGAC Board of Directors and its Barn Preservation Project are delighted to announce that David Maclay has recently come on board as our part-time Barn Preservation Specialist.

David has been a volunteer with the HGAC Preservation Committee and the Barn Preservation Project for over ten years and he has already made many contributions to our project. He has always been willing to help out whether it was setting up the BarnArt Show and Sale, leading barn surveys or giving talks and demonstrations of barn framing techniques. In addition, David has often given tours of barns during our special events such as at the Civil War Barn Dance or at the BarnAid Concert and fundraiser.

     David will provide contract services to HGAC as its Barn Preservation Specialist while he continues to operate his own timber framing business known as Pinehill Woodwork. For HGAC, he will be responsible for maintaining, expanding and improving the HGAC Barn Preservation Project and Grant Program. He will perform barn surveys using HGAC survey team volunteers, and he will provide training to the volunteers and increase the volunteer participation in the surveys.

     One of his primary, ongoing tasks will be to maintain and organize the digital and hardcopy HGAC Barn Registry materials, identify gaps and missing information, and fill in the missing information where possible. Additionally, he will work to improve communications with owners of barns on the HGAC Barn Registry by updating their contact information and by establishing regular contact with them to announce events, exclusive special offers and grant availability.

     David has already been writing the weekly barn feature piece that is published every Monday in the Gettysburg Times. With the help of the Preservation Committee and other HGAC volunteers, David will move to establish a sustainable funding stream for the Barn Preservation Project through the pursuit of grants, sponsorships and other sources of support.

     If you have any questions about barn preservation and what HGAC is doing to make that happen, David will be the man to talk to. He can be reached by telephone at (717) 677 – 4000 or by email at dmaclay@mac.com. Please join us in welcoming David in his new role as we continue to grow the Barn Preservation Project and to save Adams County’s barns one by one.







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For further information on the Barn Preservation Project please contact
David Maclay, Barn Preservation Specialist,
717-677-4000 or dmaclay@mac.com

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