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What is the Barn Preservation Project?


Join David Maclay (a barn preservation expert) and Marian Witherow (our Gettysburg DAR chapter Vice Regent) in an exploration of the wonderful world of barns as a nexus of rural life here in Adams County, PA. Listen for great tips about how to save your barn!


"The lasting value of a natural place," by Loy Elliott

For further information on the Barn Preservation Project please contact:

Curt Musselman, HGAC Barn Preservation Executive Director
717-659-8827 or shinbone603@comcast.net
David Maclay, Barn Preservation Specialist,
717-677-4000 or dmaclay@mac.com   

Historic Gettysburg-Adams County, Inc.
  PO Box 4611, Gettysburg, PA 17325